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Single Die-Cut machine

on machine request
Z-96 to Z-168
Single shaft 76 mm / Optional double rewind shaft 76 / Optional Semi Turret / Optional rewind diameters 40-45-50-70 or bigger
Kocher and Beck
Rollift Diameter shaft
76 mm
1 meter
Knife station
5 crush cut knives / Optional shearer knife system on request / Optional automatic knife system on request
Mechanical speed
up to 200m/min
400VAC 32 AMP
Compressed air
6 bar (dry) 1000 m3

The single die-cut machine is the most perfect machine to have in your production. This will be able to die-cut at high speed. The Die station has a separate Servo motor to meet your demands. In registration die-cutting is one of the options available.

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